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Ok, I've got a week off uni and want to read some "classics" (I use that term loosely).
I want something not too heavy as my holiday is a break from a 40-hr a week acting school, so I want something relatively painless to read (ie. probably not too keen to tackle War and Peace).

Here is my list of possibilities..

- Ulysses (is it humanly possible to read this in one week and still have time to do other things?)
- The Sound and the Fury
- Rebecca
- The New York Trilogy
- The Satanic Verses
- Brave New World
- 100 Years of Solitude
- A Confederacy of Dunces
- Fahrenheit 451

Any comments on these specifically - your thoughts, reviews, which I should prioritize - or any other MUST-READS that you think I'd enjoy and could get through quite easily in a week?

Merci d'avance!

(I also have to read Zen in the Art of Archery for school before I get back. Anyone read this?)

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